Get your pet business'
tail wagging
Pawesome pre-designed & customizable social media graphic templates that will help you ramp up engagement & grow your pet business.
Don't know what designs work on social? We do!
Always finding out about those pet holidays the day of?
We know when they all are!
Let Pet Social be your one stop shop for graphics that
have your colors, fonts, and branding in seconds!
Only $99 / Month
How it works
Receive your monthly delivery of pawfessionally designed graphic templates.
Learn how to customize with your brand colors & fonts - we'll show you how! AND download them ready to post!
Use our ready made captions & hash-tag suggestions.
Engage with your pawdience & watch your pet business grow!
Only $99 / Month
“The quality of your graphics on social media directly influence the buyers confidence in trusting your brand. If your graphics look like you can't afford much, they don't place a lot of value on your brand”
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Annette McDonald
Founder Easil
What types of graphics?
Funny, Holidays, Seasonal and Informative.
All done by an award winning, pet-loving graphic design team!
This can all be delegated!
To yourself 2 hours a month.
To an office manager to follow along in your standard operating procedures.
Give it to a VA to edit and schedule out for you.
Step by step tutorials
We even include a step by step tutorial of how to post to social media, add your logo, and colors and fonts.
PLUS we have worked a deal with an award winning social media scheduling software to give you two FREE months* if you decide you want it.
*This special deal is available only after signing up for Pet Social.
Only $99 / Month
Always rotating
so your feed stays Fresh!
40 images when you first enter the membership!
Plus 10 new ones delivered every month.
Add your logos and colors to each graphic to stay on-brand!
Nowhere else in the industry can you get graphics
with the ability to add your logo, font, and colors for
this low cost and high quality.
Only $99 / Month
Bella Says...
“This program is so easy, you could go in just once a quarter and get all your graphics done! Pet Social cuts the graphic creation down to just once every three months!”
Bella Vasta,
Founder, Jump Consulting
Common Questions
What date are new ones added?
New graphics are added to your account on the same day each month! If you sign up on the 20th of December, you'll have your next delivery on the 20th of January.
How do I get the bonus?
At the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month mark, you will get GIF's and stories delivered to your account free of charge. Consider it our way of saying thank you for being with us!
Is there a cancellation fee?
No cancellation fee. Just let us know 30 days in advance.
Is there a contract?
No contract. This is month to month because we know that you will enjoy it so much!
What if my team or I get stuck?
Our support is top notch by messenger or email.
We are known to help our customers quickly and swiftly.
How do I change the fonts, colors, and add my logo?
We will provide you a short video showing you exactly how to do it.
It actually takes under a minute and we have designed it to be super easy for you.
Do you do custom graphics?
Yes! We're available to do the setup of your brand, or a unique collection. However, the best value for money is this package.
Only $99 / Month
We'll see you on the inside!
Get ready for pawfect graphics on your feed,
 in seconds!
Only $99 / Month